The Slang Page

This list is intended as a humorous exploration into the language and is not a personal attack on you or anyone else. If you are easily offended by profanity or offensive content OR aren't old enough to drive, GO BACK NOW!

assmunch n: an incompetent person {The way that ~ bagged my groceries, it's no wonder they all ended up rolling around the trunk.}

BK Lounge n: Burger King ALSO: the lounge.

bag n: thing, hobby or way of life {Sipping heineys in a leisure lounge with a bunch of biffs just ain't my ~.}

balls 1 n: wicked or radical thing or person {That new camshaft is the ~} 2 adj: having intense high temperature {It's hotter than ~ out there.} 3 adv: when used in conjunction with "out", means stressed to maximum performance {My poor 486 was running ~-out just to load the Win95 logo.}

baloney skins n: tires {You gotta bake those ~ before they'll hook.}

balrog n: although most dorks associate this with the big evil critter from the Lord of The Rings series, it seems fitting that it would be yet another word for a big, evil, fire-breathing turd, wouldn't it? {I unleashed the ~ in the airport crapper.}

bbd adj: acronym for Bigger and Better Deal, usually used to describe someone who is an opportunist {Watch your wallet, homey, she's a ~ ho.}

bee n: short for bitch {That crazy ~ in the minivan wasn't even looking when she cut me off.}

beeotch n: alternative pronunciation for bitch with added emphasis {You can take your $2.99 combo meal minus mustard and ram it straight in your ass... ~!}

bfe n: acronym for Bum Fucked Egypt, meaning someplace that isn't really near anything else {Allright McGyver, whatta we do now that we're lost out here in ~?}

bfh n 1: acronym for Big Fucking Hammer {You gotta break that balljoint loose with a ~.} 2: any massive striking object generally used to destroy something that fails to respond to conventional tools or methods {My smokewrench was in the shop, so I took the ~ to its funky ass.}

biff n: a yuppie scum, usually seen talking on a cellphone and fixing his hair while driving a volvo, bimmer or audi. {What's the story on the ~ that Mary showed up with?}

big end n: the top end of a race or track {He got me by a length out the hole, but I smoked his ass on the ~.}

bird n: short for firebird {You seen the new '02 ~ down at Berglund?}

blahhDoww exp: expression usually used alone to mean "In your face", "Yeah" or just "Cool!" {~ beeotch!}

bluud n: generally a sister or brother, but can be used for close friends {How's it hangin' ~?}

bob exp: favorite greeting amongst locals (and on CB radios) {Do you know ~? Yeah, ~ up and kiss my ass!}

bottle n: nitrous oxide {Aw shit, he's got the ~ in the trunk.}

brain vb: to hit, knock or beat in the head {That numnuts ~ himself with a breaker bar trying to change the starter motor.}

brake stand vb: the process of gently applying the brake then simultaneously standing on the accelerator to cause the drive wheels to spin without the vehicle moving {Your pile is so weak, it won't even ~ in a McDonald's parking lot in the snow.}

break the seal vb: to let loose with a flood of something; usually associated with bodily functions such as blowing your nose or taking a dump {It sounded like three small animals hit that tissue when you ~.}

broke-dick 1 vb: to break down {I had to walk my ass off when my rag ~ on the interstate.} 2 adj: in a broken down or unintentionally dismantled state {That ~ rambler just dumped oil all over the track.}

bubba n: a redneck {Wouldn't be the first time I'z accused of being a ~.}

bucket n: [der bucket of shit] a beat-up or grungy car {We were pretty stank from working all day, so we hopped in the ~.}

bundy vb: generally used to describe the combination of clogging up a toilet with a maximum-sized loaf and really stinking up the bathroom in the process, but can be used to mean either of the two {I ~ the men's shitter with a doozie double-flusher.}

bunghole n: polite-ese for asshole {Come on homeslab, don't be a ~.}

bust a cap vb: to shoot a firearm {That nutball Shannon liked to ~ or two out in the woods since the trees never complained.}

button n: nitrous oxide systems {How many ~ you runnin in this pig?}

california crawl n: driving a car wfo in reverse, then slamming it down into drive or 1st gear while it's still going in reverse, leaving really nifty check marks {Before taking the rental car back, we had to test it's transmission durability with a few ~.}

car-b-q n: a car fire, usually blocking several lanes of traffic {That friggin honda ~ had 401 backed up 5 miles.}

carpet muncher n: a lesbian {Nobody ever knew she was a ~ until we saw her on Jerry Springer.}

chico-man n: general object of expression of curiousity {What the fuck, ~?}

chippies n: group of college-age females, usually drunk {Charles was happier than a hog in shit just drinking beer and hitting on the ~.}

chocolate hostages n: can you really not guess that this is yet another way of saying poo? {Release the ~!}

cluster-fuck n 1: phenomenon occuring on a road with n number of lanes with at least n+1 number of cars, where the cars are strangely polarized to become grouped together such that passing is impossible. Cluster-fucks, like black holes in outer space, rapidly gain mass, making it even more impossible to get around them {Sorry I'm late there slim; I hit a major ~ on the way over.} 2: although used in this context less frequently, can also be applied to large groups of people {I was having a good day at the mall until I saw the ~ around the Santa display}

cog 1 vb: to shift gears, usually implies in rapid fashion {Jarod always ~ the dog snot out of his ride.} 2 n: a gear of a manual transmission {Reed waved his beer at the cops, grabbed another ~, and hauled ass on down the beach.}

Count Chocula n: a turd, literally {You guys better clear out the bathroom with a quickness, 'cause ~ is about to break down the castle gates!}

crack n: used to describe someone or yourself after doing something stupid or ditzy {Are you on ~?}

crackerhead [der crackhead] n 1: a real idiot {Don't listen to that ~.} 2: someone you are really not looking forward to seeing, but have to deal with {Damn Sam, here comes that ~ Janet.}

crackers [der crackerhead] n: short for a group of crackerheads {Break out the peanut butter, the 5 O'clock ~ will be here soon}

crashbox n: old expression for a noisy manual transmission with straight-cut or obnoxious-sounding gears (watch Two Lane Blacktop for a good example! {The ~ in Jimmy's Camaro sounded like two penguins in a pool of ball bearings fighting over the last tuna.}

crawl vb: to verbally assault {Craig's woman ~ his ass when he came home rollin off the 40s.}

crew n: group of friends or associates {Tell the ~ we're going to the track Friday.}

critter n: although it can refer to any animate object such as pets or insects, it usually refers to small children {Damn Frank, when are you gonna stop makin' ~?}

crop dust vb: process of quietly farting while walking, usually rapidly to escape the smell. Particularly relevant in enclosed places such as the office or at the mall. {Stay out of the server room; Carl just ~ in there.}

daddy of the mac n: a really cool guy {Randy is the original ~.} ALSO: sometimes, though infrequently, represented as "Mac Daddy"

damn sam exp: statement of surprise or disbelief, not unlike "Holy Shit" {~, you weren't kidding about the tattoo on your forehead!}

de-ass vb: to leave a place; usually implies some sort of emergency due to an illegal act being performed {Let's ~ this place before we get busted!}

dick n: generally interchangeable with "ass" in certain profane gestures {You're getting to be a real pain in my ~.}

dig n: to street race from a dead stop {I'll give you a car, but we've gotta go from a ~.}

dog shitting razorblades adj: analogy for something that shakes violently {Wane's rule of thumb is that when the car shakes like a ~, it's usually time for a tuneup.}

dog snot n: polite way of saying "shit" {Slim ran the ~ out of your car yesterday.}

drop some friends at the pool exp: code way of saying "take a dump" when trying to be polite {Excuse me for a moment, slim, I need to ~.}

eat by a wolf and shit over a cliff adj 1: really not feeling well {After a case of beer, a fifth of jack, two lines, three bowls and some 'ludes, my old english teacher thought she had been ~} 2: in a state of destruction or disrepair {Was your bedroom ~ or are you just a messy bastard?}

elbows and assholes n: a serious fight or confrontation {When those guys didn't pay up after the race, there was nothing but ~.}

falling down n: a mental state or condition that you acquire from stressful environmental input, not unlike "going postal" {If my insurance agent doesn't fix my damn bill once and for all, I'm going to have a ~ in her office.}

feces pizza n: cici's pizza {Jim Davis lives for a gutload of ~.}

flambe vb: to cook, esp on a grille {~ some chitlins and you've got some good eatin'.}

flip a bitch vb: to perform a u-turn {Grab your ass and hang on men, I'm gonna ~.}

forty Hells n: expression of absolutes, generally means the most extreme of whatever you're referring to {Put some glass in that window, man, it's colder than ~ in here.}

fresh-fucked ape n: used as comparison for something that is very fast {Even with 2 melted pistons, three burnt wires and cords hanging out of the tires, Monte's Chevelle still ran like a ~.}

frog's ass n: object of common rhetorical question {Is a ~ watertight?}

frumunda adj: something disgusting or nasty, or wraught with stank {You ever had ~ cheeze? You know the cheeze ~ my nuts?!}

funky adj 1: different in a cool sort of way {That mustang had one ~-ass paint job.} 2: different in a not so cool or even smelly sort of way {I told Randy to put his shoes back on since that ~ smell was about to gag me.} 3: meaningless adjective thrown in to take up space and add grammatical clarity {Well go on with your ~ ass!}

g-money adj: a car that is lowered, has insanely small sidewall tires, hydraulics, and neon lights; usually can be heard before it is seen {I thought it was a UFO up in front of me before I realized it was a ~ ride.}

gat n: a pistol {Ice never cruises LA without a ~ in his lap.}

gates of Hell n: place where really disgusting farts come from {Damn sam! I think the ~ just opened up right there in your ass!}

golden horseshoe n: something very lucky; can also be used as an expression of a very lucky person, especially if the proverbial horseshoe can be physically linked to the person {Bob must have a ~ in his ass to stumble on a deal like that.}

greased baloney string n: slippery object, used in reference to a feline's anus to describe something that is very slow or has no power {Her yugo wouldn't pull a ~ outta wildcat's ass.}

grillin' n chillin' vb: hanging out at a social event where food is being consumed {Saturday we were ~ with the crew.}

heat n 1: the ticket, or really good stuff {That $400 SCAT crank is the ~ for a street car.} 2: act of making it difficult for someone - usually in a competetive sense {Scott put the ~ on Jerry's ass last night on Valley View Blvd.} 3. also still occasionally used to mean the police

hempyed vb: to destroy or greatly damage something {When Nick ~ his valvetrain, he had to replace 6 bent pushrods and valves.}

ho n: someone, male or female who is promiscuous {Everybody knows Randy's a ~.}

hoochie n: female who may or may not be promiscous, but in any case sports "big hair", lots of makeup and usually boots; generally combined with "momma" {Joe got tanked and ended up going home with a ~-momma.}

hole n: the start of a race or track {I jugged the hell out of it right out the ~.}

holy stinkin' shit, batman exp: expression of extreme surprise, much more powerful than just "holy shit" {~ that car was fast!}

home adj: modifier placed in front of common nouns to denote a level of coolness {The ~ skillet page rocks ass!} NOTE: although this word works for for things like scratch, slab, slice, etc, care must be taken to avoid nonsensical combinations like {~ weenie} or you will look like a real assmunch

homey n: a cool person or friend {Whatcha say ~?}

hook vb: short for "to hook up", to get traction {You wouldn't believe that 3-ton tuna boat rag would ~ on Mohawk Magnettas would ya?}

hot buttered fuck n: a glorious or stupendous event or thing, generally used as a comparison {My new GDSL link to the internet is the best thing since ~.}

huey n: a u-turn {Pull a ~ there past the light.}

hyper-shitbyte n: the extended stay on the toilet much longer than needed in order to finish reading an interesting article {Mitch either fell in or is having a ~ with the new Year One parts catalog.}

hyper-shitbyte cramp n: the numbness that occurs in one's legs and ass due to a hyper-shitbye {The doctor said he'd never heard of a ~ before, but in any case we should remove those Playboys from the shithouse.}

jimmy hat n: a condom {Don't leave the house without your ~.}

jive-fresh adj: wickedly cool, generally used in a train of other adjectives to add emphasis {Clint is one ~ hardcore player motherfucker.}

jug n,vb: nitrous oxide or the act of using nitrous oxide {That foo was winning 'till I ~ his ass.}

juice n,vb: nitrous oxide {Too much ~ and you're gonna start melting shit.}

juju dust n: imaginary voodoo substance used to mess with an opponent's mind; can be "placed" in important places like in shoes, down the engine, etc. {You're fucked now! I just sprinkled ~ down your intake!}

kenya vb: yet another trick greeting favorite {You know ~? Yeah, ~ tongue my ass while you play with my nutz?}

knobgobbler n: a person who routinely performs oral sex on men {I heard homegirl was a ~?}

lackanookie n: purported ancient hawaiian disease you suffer from when you don't have sex in a while, possibly explaining irate or irresponsible behavior {Jim was acting like he had a case of ~.}

ladies n: any group of guys acting as a team, but usually refers to engineers {Allright ~, what do I have to do to make this release happen?}

land of the rising sun n: to have sex with a woman while she is menstruating {Jeff doesn't mind visiting the ~ since he gets it so few and far between.}

let the smoke out vb: blew up or destroyed {Larry's Nova ran good until he ~ of the engine.}

loopy adj: dazed, confused or disoriented; often the product of being brained {Shut that mechanical asshole off before we all get ~ from the exhaust fumes.}

loose nut n: not the sharpest crayon in the box {Did he ever think his car don't run right because he's got a ~ between the seat and the wheel?}

loud pedal n: the accelerator {That bee got crazy insane when I stood on the ~.}

man n 1: title or statement of admiration or respect {You da ~!} 2: a police officer or judge or someone else in a government power position {Aw shit Gutterball, you better drop those bolt cutters 'cause here comes the ~!} 3: casual pronoun referring to the immediate person being addressed {Hey ~, what's up with your hair?}

MC Scratch N Fish n: formal greeting of courtesy or respect, not unlike "Sir" {Yo, what up ~?}

McSpank's n: McDonald's

meat n 1: tire(s) {Roger's Z tortured the ~ all the way through the traps.} 2: implies genitals certain colorful farewell saying {Don't let your ~ loaf!}

mechanical asshole n: any complex inanimate object, device or even software that doesn't work as desired {Windoze 3.1 is a real ~.}

miracle engine n: imaginary wonder product that is another secret advantage that winners have over losers {He better invest in a case of ~ if he expects to outrun Chuck.}

mister turtle n: term for a turd that is working it's way out your butt... usually when you have to go really bad, but don't have the means to proceed. {I gotta head home now 'cause ~ is poking his head out!}

money adj: absolutely great or desirable {That shit is so ~, yo.}

moochose grassy ass exp: slang attempt at copying Spanish for thanks {~ for the free pizza.}

monkey palace n: any bad chinese restaurant {The last time I ate at the ~, I shit eggrolls for 2 days straight.}

move n: the advantage of getting to start first in a street race {We'll give you 2 cars and the ~.}

Mr. Slappy n: your penis {Whenever I see Carmen Electra I have to go beat up ~.}

Mr. Turtle is poking his head out exp: polite way of expressing the immediate need to take a shit {You better stop making me laugh dude, cause ~.}

muffin top n: when a girl (or guy) has on jeans that are waaaay too tight, causing their belly or sides to hang over like a muffin {She was cute, but that chunky girl had a hellofa ~ poppin out!}

muffler bearings n 1: imaginary car part used to mess with non-automotive people {That assmunch at the parts counter was digging in the books for 10 minutes when I asked for ~.} 2: an insulting reason for winning in a competetion, when asked what gave you the edge {Loser boy got mad when I told him he should upgrade to roller ~.}

muzzafukkah exc: phonetic statement of disbelief or disgust {~! Damn the man writing tickets n shit!}

my dead homies n: battle cry for the '90s, is also the ideal excuse for just about any act (especially illegal ones) {Do it for ~, bro!}

nipplewinger n 1: used as substitution for more technical word that you can't think of at the moment {That G-tech unit is based on one of those, uh, ~ things.} 2: a cheezy person {Although noone says it to his face, everyone thinks Bill is a ~.}

nipplespank [der nipplewinger] n: cheezy person or thing {That ~ put a thousand dollar stereo in his ten dollar rag.}

nutty n: someone who is a bad influence or a generally irrational person {Slim was pretty cool until he hooked up with ~ over there.}

one-eyed cat n: the proverbial bunghole, generally used in context to denote a certain amount of pure blind-ass luck or a wild guess {Damn if Bill didn't pull that presentation out of the ol' ~.}

package n: generally refers to sum total of a man's genitalia {Ron tried to be slick and hop out the side of my rag without opening the door, but ended up hanging his ~ on the door lock.}

packin adj: carrying or possessing firearms {I didn't know that crazy bitch was ~.}

packin n squeezin adj: refers to a general balls-out, gutsy sort of way of life or attitude {It's no wonder slim got shitcanned the way he went into that meeting ~.}

parking lot pimpin vb: the act of hanging out in a parking lot, checking out the rides and talking shit {There's going to be some ricers ~ up on Capital Blvd this Saturday.}

pecker liftin n: [der lifter pecking] any light mechanical sound coming from a machine that shouldn't have that mechanical sound {Ricky's Chevelle had a ~ for 2 years before he let the smoke out of it.}

Phil Brown n: non-existant person used in another favorite slang greeting codephrase {You know ~? Yeah, Phil deez Brown nutz!}

pig n: any possesion, but generally refers to a car {Damn, that cruise-in is tonight... guess I better wash this ~.}

pile [der pile of shit] n: a car that is beyond the condition deserving of a "rag" title {Damn slim, anybody hurt in that ~?}

pinch a loaf vb: to take a shit {Hey bro, pull over at this gas station so I can ~.}

Pizza Slut n: Pizza Hut

pits of Hell n 1: used to denote a high temperature {With no AC, it quickly got hotter than the ~.} 2: used to denote a condition where you don't feel so good {I feel like I've been drug through the ~.} ALSO: can postfix with common modifier _with the blowers on full_ to add emphasis

plp vb or n: short for parking lot pimpin (or parking lot pimp)

poach vb: to do something illegal {We were ~ down in Bonsack when a state man rolled up.}

pokey n: jail {Jerry's got to spend another weekend in the ~.}

propellerhead n: academia type person who has lots of book knowledge but little or no real product experience (does not necessarily imply a nerd) {That startup company never sold anything because it was run by a bunch of ~.}

pull a drunk vb: can mean any stereotypically alcoholic action, but generally refers to the period of time when one "drops out of society" from being trashed {James ~ for 2 weeks one time.}

rag n 1: anything that is beat-up, but generally refers to a car {It's raining out; better take the ~.} 2: something that may be very nice, but is overrated by the owner {You believe he wants twenty k for that ~?} 3: a convertible {Quoc's sportin' the ~ on a nice day like today.}

roll n: to start a street race from a rolling start rather than a dead stop {The only way that supra will race is from an 80 mph ~.}

row the boat vb: to change gears, usually implies very fast and hard shifting {Don't mess with Kim, 'cause she can ~.}

shiny shoes n: term for someone who works a white collar job and has to dress up everyday {Watch out Ron, ~ has both stalls clogged up.}

shit 1 exc: expression of complete disbelief {Homeboy says his car tops out at 210. ~!} 2 n: when used as object of sentence preceeded by "the", means the best or top notch {#7 show car glaze is the ~.}

shitbag n: someone who has seriously pissed you off {If that ~ doesn't stop kicking my chair, I'm gonna hafta break my foot off in his ass.}

shitbiscuits exc: mild expression of disappointment {Well ~. I forgot homeboy is on vacation this week.}

shitbyte n: the exact amount of reading that can be done while taking a dump, can also be used to rate the quantity of the output {El Puerto take-out usually results in about a 3-page ~.} Also: hyper-shitbyte

shithook n: tow truck {You better just hire a ~ to follow you around town in that pile.}

shit-hot adj 1: pegging the groove meter, cool 2: something very new and/or exciting {That is one ~ paint job homey!}

shits n giggles n: for the hell of it {For ~, let's see if your mom's toyota can break a buck and a quarter.}

shit sandwich n unpleasant situation that you are forced to live with (or eat) by an authority figure {My old boss had me working on that ~ of a project for a year before I got to do some interesting stuff.}

shit the bed vb: to crash or die {I guess our new project will ~ with the latest budget cuts.}

shittin n gittin vb: really hauling ass {Damn that Mustang was ~ on the big end!}

shit you one exp: retort used when asked for an impossible to have item or goal {You want the release in a week? How bout I ~?}

skid marks n: those annoying dark lines left in the toilet after pinching a delicious loaf {Hell Jeff, I haven't seen that many ~ since the big pile up on 581 back in '89.}

slim n 1: generic pronoun used to ease the monotony of use of "he", "him" and "her" {~ finally took a bath last week.} 2: the person in your immediate presence {Say ~, pass me that monkeywrench.}

smoke wrench n: torch {I had to fix those rusty bolts with the ~.}

sonic blur n: severe vibration in a rear view mirror, to the point of reduced visibility due to unusually loud stereo with kidney-buster bass or extremely lumpy engine idle {I couldn't see the cop on my 6 because the ~ had taken over the rear view.}

sot n: a drunk {Willie's a damn sot who hasn't even stood up for a week.}

spoogewank n: someone who has mildly pissed you off or treated you wrong {Cut me off again ~, and I'm gonna bust a cap in your ass.}

spray 1 n: nitrous oxide 2 vb: to use nitrous oxide {Dumbass over there ~ it out the hole and ran right off the road.}

squeeze vb: to use nitrous oxide {Homeboy was only ~ 150 when he outran that mustang.}

squirrelly 1 adv: getting a little crossed up or almost out of control; usually used to describe cars but can also be used to describe people {Rick got a little ~ when the hoochie-momma parked her fat ass against his fender.} 2 n: black marks left in road from doing a burnout {That crazy bastard left a pair of ~ all the way down the block.}

stank adj: nasty {We had to bleach the walls after that ~ bastard Jim pinched a loaf in the master bathroom.}

steamin grizzly n: a massive dump, usually requiring two or three flushes to completely vanquish; also usually possessing an amazing odor propagation quality {They finally closed their shitter to the public after Dave took that ~.}

step on [your|his|her] crank vb: to make a fool of oneself or do something embarassing, damaging or just stupid {That poor bastard ~ every time women are around.}

stickerfuck adj: to plaster a poor car (usually an import) with tons of stickers all the while doing nothing to actually increase performance of the car. {Was that noise a chain saw or that ~ honda at the stoplight?}

stoppie n: the inverse of a wheelie, performed on a 2-wheeler where the back tire comes off the ground {Homeboy got crazy with the ~ and ended up in a faceplant.}

strange n: a sexual partner that is not one's normal or regular partner{Everytime Wayne's woman goes out of town, he gets some ~.}

string some tinsel vb:to ejaculate with some special artistic form or achievement not usually found in your average run-of-the-mill ejaculation (watch any Peter North flick for an example){Randy's woman got mad when he proceeded to ~ on her ear.}

sun don't shine on the same dog's ass every day exp: everybody has good and bad days {When Jon broke his axle, he reminded us that the ~.}

strollin vb: to haul ass; generally doesn't imply the raw speed "shittin n gittin" does, but can be used so sound less redneck {We were ~ in Dad's pooch on the way over.}

Taco Hell n: Taco Bell

takes the rag off the bush exp: the straw that broke the camel's back, or the unbelievable thing that just tops all else Larry froze his tongue to the freezer again? Damn that ~.

talk to the ass exc: a powerful dis' meaning "I'm not listening to your crap" {You better ~, 'cause my hand ain't listening, beeotch.}

tits adj 1: very cool or trick item, generally refers to a part or modification {Those 17x11 ZR1 wheels are nothing but ~.} 2: having every imaginable option or feature {Jerry's caddy is ~.> ALSO: titties

tits-up adj: dead {My workstation is always ~ when I come back from lunch.}

toxic avenger 1 adj: something that is pretty harmful to the environment or other living things {Mike broke bad on that wasp nest with some real ~ shit.} 2 n: someone who participates in the gross destruction of the environment or bundies a toilet {Ol' ~ over there uses two cans of hairspray a week.}

transtesticle n: someone who is confused, disturbed or having radically differing tastes {Ugh, that ~ painted his GTO piss yellow.}

tuna boat n: a large slow-looking but actually fast mode of transportation {Ed made more money street racing his ~ than he did with his day job.}

tweakin adj: loopy, disoriented or high; usually through some chemical means, either intentional or unintentional {That oven cleaner and clorox combo had me ~ with the quickness.}

tweeter n: a penis {Let me shake the ~ before we hit the road.}

wfo adj: wide fucking open; at full throttle {My old man knows two speeds... stop and ~.}

wankstain n: an insignificant person, esp if the person is in a position of power {That ~ track official told me I couldn't run slicks.}

weenie n 1: a specialist or very competent person in a particular field {ask Jeff, he's a UNIX ~} 2: someone who is just a little _too_ competent or takes their specialty too seriously, i.e. anal {Do you belive that ~ measured the amount of brake dust on his wheels?}

weezer n: a supercharger {Ken took the ~ off his bird.}

well-digger's ass n: used to denote the lower end of the temperature scale {That damn lake water is colder than a ~.} ALSO: can postfix with "in the Klondike" for added emphasis

whale tail n: the top back part of a g-string that's visible over a girl's low-cut hip-hugging jeans. {Damn, did you see the ~ on the back of that gixer?!}

word up, she was dope exc: slangese for "I agree, a lot" {Kelly's Neon is a mechanical asshole. ~.}

yah exc 1: metric equivalent to saying "bullshit" {~, right.} 2: general, but not necessarily emphatic, agreement {Wanna hit the lounge for some grub? ~.} 3: general expression of amazement or "oh shit" {~! I didn't see that 3 ton pissed-off looking gorilla dude standing there next to that woman.}

yo exc: slang equivalent to "Hey" at the beginning of a sentence or "Man" at the end, often placed in a a gramatically incorrect or what seems like a incomplete sentence {~ homey.}

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